Here’s something that will help you brain stay sharp – the puzzle you can see below is challenging, but rewarding.

Different parts of the brain are exercised depending on the puzzle you choose. Crossword puzzles for example, challenge your language and memory skills, while jigsaw puzzles stimulate your parietal lobes. And, although solving a jigsaw puzzle on screen is impossible, we have another challenge for you. The puzzle below is a tricky word hunt which can be quite difficult. To solve it, try finding your name – it may be frustrating, but it’s actually very simple.

If you can’t find it, don’t worry – most people can’t. The problem is that people look for their name when the solution is to find “Your Name” in the puzzle. No matter how frustrating it may be, it actually helps people move away from certain activities that dull the brain. Share the puzzle with your friends and help them sharpen their brains too!