This is no trick, it is a new modified Japanese rice cake called Mizu Shingen Mochi, a very delicious dessert. It is the original famous Japanese rice cake shingen mochi made from gyuhi which is like a fluffy mochi rice cake, sprayed with lot of (kinako) soybean powder and poured with syrup from brown sugar.

The cake is made of natural water from the Southern Japanese Alps, and they made the water solid so they can give it a shape, and it is called water shingen mochi (Mizu Shingen Mochi) Anyway, as you can see this cake is very soft and delicate so when you will have the opportunity to taste it, better make it quickly because it will disintegrate into liquid in 30 minutes. When you taste it, it melts like water in your mouth and it is very delicious and tasty.




This dessert appeared last summer like a seasonal dessert and they become very famous so that they revive this year also.


This is how looks typical Shingen Mochi