Cherries are used in the medical field. Here are 12 reasons why you should consume them:

  1. Antioxidants that the cherries have protect the cells from mutation reducing the risk of cancer. The anthocyanine and other pigments that give the dark red burgundy color to the cherry can help to protect yourself from some cancer cells.
  2. To keep your heart healthy you need to eat cherries often. It prevents oxidation of harmful LDL cholesterol damaging the blood vessels. Cherries help to reduce the risk of myocardial infarction.
  3. With the previous said the cherries help the reduction of atherosclerosis providing to the blood vessels and protecting the brain from causing a stroke.
  4. If you are trying to conceive a baby, and you are a man you need to eat more cherries. They are full with antioxidants and vitamins,, improving the quality of the sperm.
  5. Cherries improve the sight and protect the eyes.
  6. Cherries have coumarone that reduces the blood clots, therefore reducing the risk of thrombosis.
  7. If suffering from high blood pressure you need to eat more cherries. Because of the potassium in their content they help releasing the fluid and influence the blood pressure.
  8. They help the rheumatoid arthritis
  9. Cherries help reducing the uric acid making it easier to be released which is the main reason for causing gout.
  10. Helps with anemia. Because of the high level of iron it helps the heavy periods of anemia.
  11. Cherries can help in the prevention and regulation of diabetes. People that are already suffering from diabetes should eat cherries in small amounts, because they contain a lot of sugar.
  12. Helps the capillaries in the system, strengthening the blood vessels.