Everyone has a roll of aluminum foil in their home which they use for different purposes, but no one ever thinks to use it on their body. However, you should know that aluminum foil can help you fight colds, insomnia and other health problems. Here are some interesting uses for aluminum foil you probably haven’t heard of:

Relieves fatigue and insomnia

Using aluminum foil to battle fatigue is an ancient tradition recognized by many experts. According to Consumer Health Digest, you should put several aluminum foil strips in the freezer for a couple of hours, then apply them on your face until the muscles relax. Once you take the foil off, you should notice the symptoms of fatigue and insomnia disappearing.

Soothes painful joints

Did you know that aluminum foil can help you relieve the pain caused by sciatica, arthritis and gout? Wrap some of the foil on the affected areas and secure them with a bandage, then leave it to work overnight. Repeat the process for 10-12 days, then take a two-week break – you should be able to get rid of the pain by then.

Alleviates burns

The elements in aluminum foil can soothe burns -according to the University of Wisconsin, doctors should even wrap the burns of their patients in it. In order to heal a burn, wash the area with cold water, then dry it with a soft cloth gently. Apply a layer of some burn ointment afterwards as well as a gauze, then wrap everything with a piece of aluminum foil. Secure the wrap with a bandage and keep it in place until the pain disappears.

Phantom pains

If you’re experiencing phantom pains you can’t explain, wraps the painful areas with aluminum foil and it should go away shortly.

Get rid of an annoying cold

It’s important to know to reduce the symptoms of colds and the flu without taking antibiotics, and you can do it with a piece of aluminum foil. When feeling under the weather, wrap your feet in 5-7 layers of foil, then leave it to work for an hour. Afterwards, let your feet breathe for a couple of hours and repeat the twice more. Do this until you are relieved.

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