People are often advised by their doctors about the treatment against Alzheimer`s. The main answer by them is that there is no cure.

One doctor disagrees. Dr. Mary Newport is doing researches to find out about this disease and understand how she can help. Her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 51. She is trying to understand what can cause it and how she can help.

There was no traditional cure for her husband`s disease. She tried to do something unconventional and help her husband before he couldn`t be helped anymore.

Coconut Oil

She wanted to try something natural and see if there will be results. She gave her husband every day four teaspoons coconut oil and the results were there. He started to read again and became mentally agile; he could tie his shoes again and even have a normal conversation.  After this she started her research and wanted to quantify her findings. The only step towards this research was her funding.

After the funding came she included 65 individuals with early or moderate stages of Alzheimer’s.

The study was about the effect that the coconut oil has on patients and how could the coconut oil improve the functions and bring them to an upper level. It was called Alzheimer`s type 3 diabetes. The brain is in lack of glucose and fat and that is why the patients suffer from this disease. The study has shown that fat diets and low carb impact the brain in a negative way.

Here is where the coconut oil can help.

The main characteristic about the coconut oil is the ketones. They are molecules that the brain produces when lack of glucose appears, for energy.

The research showed that this way the coconut oil helps the brain to produce the energy it needs to function properly.

The results are still not public, and everyone is waiting for them. So if you know someone that is suffering from this disease you can help them by giving them coconut oil. For sure it will not hurt them, unless they are allergic to coconut oil.

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