Breast cancer has emerged as the main culprit for the death of many women. It can be caused by genetics, but bad lifestyle and unhealthy habits and diet are the main factors. It can be prevented with a healthy diet full of anti-cancer substances. This kind of diet is easy to be found. Here are the top nutritious foods that can help prevent breast cancer.


Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and B12. Its nutrients prevent cancer and encourage cell growth. The methylcobalamin found in the vitamin B12 is especially useful for cancer treatment.


A great vegetable full of substances like sulforaphane and indoles, which promote cell growth and prevent cancer. Soybeans also contain compounds that inhibit the growth of cancer cells, especially the growth associated with estrogen and androgen.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains antioxidants useful in the fight against free radicals. Consuming olive oil is a must for your healthy diet.


It contains allium compounds that slow down the growth of tumors and fight breast cancer. Garlic is very popular among women in Asia.


A plant which has anti-inflammatory properties, very useful for prevention and fight against breast cancer. It will also prevent the cancer from spreading to the lungs. Turmeric is used by Southeast Asian women for centuries.

Green tea

This healthy tea contains epigallocatechlin gallate, one of the most important molecular nutrients that prevent formation of blood vessels due to cancer cells. It will prevent the growth and spread of cancer. China and Japan are especially known for the use of green tea since the dawn of time.

Low-fat milk

A great product for prevention of breast cancer because of its content of vitamin D. It also contains calcium which strengthens the bones.

This is not the whole list – there are many foods out there that help prevent breast cancer. Take some time and research the internet for these wonderful, natural ways to treat and prevent cancer.