The video you can see below is shocking – it shows the flaws in the system and the laws that protect the food industry. The video explores the modern food industry through an artistic approach and is a part of a documentary called Samsara.

The 7-minute clip will definitely open your eyes. It will take you on a gruesome journey through meat plants, a grocery store as well as a restaurant, before ending in the doctor’s office. Don’t worry – there are no shots of pigs being killed or eaten, or activists protesting for animal rights. Nevertheless, Samsara is not just about the meat industry – its makers claim that the documentary has no agenda at all!

According to Mark Magidson, the producer, Samsara has nothing to say. “Our film is more about feelings and an inner journey than an intellectual experience. We’re not trying to say anything,” he said in an interview.

In Sanskrit, Samsara means “the ever changing turning wheel of life”. According to the director, the documentary wasmeant to express “the point of departure for the filmmakers as they search for the elusive current of interconnection that runs through our lives.” It was filmed in 25 countries for over 5 years and attempted to display “how our life cycle mirrors the life rhythm of the planet”. No matter what you think of it, it is really interesting to watch.