Having excellent sexual health is the most important thing for enjoying sex. Did you know that urinating after sex can bring positive health benefits? In this way, your body will be better prepared to fight infections that could harm your health.

When you’re having sex, microbes and bacteria from the rectal area may enter and gather in the urethra, increasing the risk of bladder infections. This has been proven as one of the most common factors for urinary tract infections in women, but you can avoid it by peeing after sex.

Doctors say that the female ejaculation doesn’t happen through the urethra, which is why the microbes must be flushed in a different way. They recommend urinating within 45 minutes of intercourse in order to flush the bacteria. We suggest you use condoms as well as they are a great way of protecting against infections and STDs that can seriously endanger your health.

Besides urinating after sex, it’s also important that you have excellent personal hygiene which will ensure that you avoid urinary tract infections and protect your health. Women with cystitis should always wash their genital area with water and a mild soap after having sex.