We can safely say that we evolved a great deal as a civilization and we’re still evolving in many fields, especially when it comes to personal hygiene. We’d never go back to how things were a century ago, when people didn’t have toilet paper, but when it comes to maintaining our hygiene, we are doing a few things wrong.

Going to the bathroom to poop is easy – you sit down, do your job, wipe and flush and continue with your day. This is how civilized people do it. However, some of the steps in this process are wrong. As we have known forever, we should wipe our butt from the bottom up to avoid transferring bacteria to our private parts. We also know to wipe until the paper’s plain white. But can you be really sure that you’re completely clean? No matter how clean you might think you are, sometimes microscopic particles still stay inside.

According to experts, wiping yourself with toilet paper is also wrong. When you do it, all you do is smear feces on your butt, and scientists are now suggesting that we should use water to clean ourselves after defecating. The solution to the problem was found decades ago, but people stopped using it. We’re talking about a bidet – the bathroom appliance that rarely anyone uses.

The bidet is a safe and economical solution to the problem of cleaning ourselves after defecating. In the USA alone, people use about 35 billion rolls of paper every year, which production needs 1.7 trillion liters of water and 250 tons of chlorine. All this water for a piece of paper to wipe your butt with! As you can see, bidet is a far better option.