There is a very good reason to avoid smoking, bad food, long sitting and alcohol abuse.

However, these vices can shorten your life for 10 years, shows the Swiss research published in the magazine “Preventive medicine”.

Researches from the university in Zurich following 17000 people for 16 years have discovered that their life shortens significantly if the smoke, feed wrong, don’t exercise and drink alcohol.

For example, 75 year old woman has the chance to live 10 more years if she lead a healthy life, but the percentage lowers for about 60 %, if she had one of these vices. The most dangerous vice is the smoking.

Research has shown that the life of a person with 50 kg more can be shorter than a smoker who is not fat.

Extreme fat, defined by the index of the body mass (BMI) higher than 40, can shorten the life up to 14 years, and meantime cause the person heart diseases, diabetes and other chronicle disease.