No one’s really fond of talking about their urine color or consistency, but you should know that your urine can tell a lot about your health. Urine consists of water (95%) and other nutrients such as urea, sodium, potassium, creatinine as well as organic and inorganic compounds. The yellow color is due to the presence of urobilin, a waste product caused by the breakdown of old red blood cells.

Here’s a urine color chart and what the color means:

  1. Transparent urine

Colorless urine is a sign of over hydration. This problem is not as bad as dehydration, but it still waters down electrolytes and may cause chemical imbalance in your system.

  1. Light yellow urine

This urine color is normal and means that you’re well hydrated.

  1. Cloudy urine

If your urine has the appearance of a dirty martini, it may be a sign of bladder infection. The cloudy consistence is caused by the merging of mucus, tissues and proteins that are being broken down.

  1. Medium yellow urine

This is an indication of slight dehydration and a sign that you need to increase your water intake.

  1. Dark yellow urine

If your urine looks like apple juice, you need to take a glass of water right away. The same color might be caused by consuming vitamin B-rich foods.

  1. Orange urine

Orange urine means that you’re dehydrated and need water immediately! Besides dehydration, orange colored urine may be caused by excess bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is an orange by-product of old red blood cell breakdown which can color your urine. Another cause might be a gallstone obstructing the bile duct, or some urinary bladder infection drugs.

  1. Pink urine

Pink urine is usually caused by red foods such as beets, but it might indicate a drop of blood in the urine which can be a problem. You should visit a urologist to make sure it’s nothing serious.

  1. Darker pink urine

This indicates more than a drop of blood in your urine, which means that you may be suffering from a bladder infection or cancer. Kidney and bladder stones may be the culprits as well.

  1. Dark pink urine

This is serious – dark pink urine is a sign of old blood in the urine which means that the bleeding has been going on for a while. In most cases, this is a sign of cancer in an advanced stage, so you need to visit your urologist right away.

  1. Brown urine

If your urine looks like Coke, it may be caused by some drugs such as chloroquine or metronidazole. Consuming fava beans or rhubarb can also be the cause, as can some liver or kidney disorders. Exercising too hard will also make your urine brown due to the excess myoglobin which leaks out into your blood stream when you push yourself too hard at the fitness center. Too much myoglobin can be dangerous, so if your urine turns brown, you need to take a myoglobin test to prevent further problems.

  1. Blue or green urine

If your urine is blue or green, it means that you’ve eaten a lot of food with synthetic dyes. A Jell-O-shot like urine can also be caused by drugs such as Uribel due to the presence of a compound called methylene blue in the medication. It’s not a serious problem, but you should take your pills with water to dissolve the color.