The 30s are really great, because you know what you want, you have a great social life, your carrier is growing and it seems like the whole world is under your feet. But, as great as it might be, some changes in your body cannot be stopped. They do happen weather you desire it or not.

Next part that you will read will defiantly surprise you because I don’t believe someone told them to you.


We know that the older we get our body produces less collagen, and the result is the first wrinkles. Dermatologists highlight the importance to nurture your face with nutritious lotions with UV factor and you should defiantly avoid smoking. People that don’t sunbathe and don’t smoke can look 10 years younger from people with the same age.

First white hair

You probably were unpleasantly surprised the first time you saw your first white hair. This condition is inevitable when you are 30. Here the biggest part is played from your genetic roots, so if your parents hair turned white early, you probably won`t be able to avoid it. Regretless, white hair can appear in a different place besides your head. We all remember Samantha John`s from “Sex and the City” when she finds out the white pubic hair on her vagina.

Your skin and hair are not that shiny anymore

This is also a process that cannot be stopped. A lot of people envy the woman that are pregnant in that period of time because they still have shiny hair and skin, but this is due to the hormones. Then it comes to quickly declining of the estrogen, and unfortunately the hair and skin go old. A lot of woman notice the hair loss in their 30s, but the structure of the hair changes too.

Eye brows and eye lashes

The hair on the eyebrows and the eyelashes fall down too.

Hair on the face

If you notice a hair on your chin, don’t get too distressed. One or two are completely normal, but if you start noticing that more are appear, you should defiantly see a doctor because it could be a syndrome of polycystic ovaries.


If you have a baby in your 30s, the breasts lose their elasticity and even stretch marks appear.

Slowing the metabolism

One of the inconvenient facts in the 30s is that your metabolism in average slows down up to 3-4 %. As your body is getting older, we slowly lose muscle mass and thickness of the bones, and its functionality lowers. We don’t have to talk about losing energy and the fat deposits around the waist, thighs and the stomach.

Still, these facts don’t have to depress you. There is also good news. By having an active way of life, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, having healthy food, regular exercise you can slow down the process of getting old.