Let`s see how do we sleep and what does that tell about us:



People that sleep in the position of an unborn baby are often people that look strong on the outside, but soft from the inside. Often, they are ashamed in the company of people they don’t know, but once they get relaxed they become more interesting. The fetus position is the most common position people sleep in, and researches performed on 100 people, show that 41% sleep just like this. This position is more common with woman than with man.


This is the position when you lye sideways, with both hands parallel with the body. people that sleep in this position are usually joyful, relaxed, always a part of a big crowd, trustworthy, trusting in people they don’t know well, which often leads them to problems.


People sleeping on the side with the hand towards themselves are often people with open mind and adjustable character, but they also can be cynical, suspicious and ironic. These people are hard on making decisions, but once they make up their mind, they will never change it.


These people sleep on their back with hands besides them. It is believed that these people are incredibly quiet, reserved to the environment. Don’t like crowds, and for themselves and people around them they put and expect high standards.

Free fall

The position when you lie on your stomach, the hands are under or around the pillow and the head is turned aside. These people are the friendliest ones, but also people with the most inner conflict. They are not good when receiving critics; they don’t know how to deal with extreme situations and are often nervous and edgy.

Sea star

People that sleep in this position are actually sleeping on their back with the hands on the pillow or under their head. These people are very good friends, because they always know to listen to others and offer help when needed. They are modest and they don’t like being in the center of attention.

Researches about who sleeps how have shown that numerous people change their sleeping positions. Only 5 % of researched confirmed that they don’t have a specific sleeping position, so they sleep differently every night. Also a research about our sleeping positions influencing our health has been conducted as well. The conclusion is: when we have food digestion problems we should sleep in the position “free fall”, while people in the position of a “soldier” or “ sea star” will have problems with snoring or nightmares.