Your nails can show different health problems like bad nutrition’s, stress, kidney problems and up to 30 more problems are shown on the nails.

Usually when we look at our nails we notice if they need to be cut, cleaned or when we want to stop biting them. A dermatologist can see much more. They can see if you are stressed, or have bad nutrient habits. They can even notice if you are having some serious kidney problems. The dermatologist can notice medical problems from your nails.

Here you can read 8 things that your doctor can notice from the look of your nails!

1.There is a saying “clubbed” nails for people with lung problems. They change the shape turning oval and curve. They change to steeper and go down.


2.If the nails show small holes or cavities they can be a sign of arthritis or eczema. Dr Doris Day a professor of dermatology on the University in New York, clams that arthritis can affect the joints and can even show psoriasis affecting the skin. That is how it appears on the nails.

3.The nails break down easily if there is no proper nutrition and they lack vitamins.


4.“Bo lines” a horizontal line that appears on the nails can show serious physical stress. This shows a line across the nails and can often show that a person has passed through a treatment of chemotherapy. Sometimes they appear after some illnesses, injuries or malnutrition. It can also show a connection with height. They appear also with people who have been on over 1000 meters of heights or on the expedition “Everest”.

5.There can also appear a vertical line. They are not that big of a problem. This usually shows that the vertical lines appear because of aging. From time to time they can also show malnutrition.


6.If the nails change their shape and start looking like a spoon, then that means that there is lack of iron. If they stop growing down and covering the finger normally, they will start to grow upwards and grow sideways. They can also change their shape to look like concave like a spoon.

7.If the nails start to look different towards half-half it can show kidney problems or liver problems. If one side of the nail is dark and the other is white it shows a problem. The color change can appear because of some kind of kidney and liver problems. This problems show on the nails or on the skin.

8.Kidney problems or thyroid gland can appear on the nails as well. Auto-immune problems can create complications that the dermatologists can see only by looking at the nails when examining the patients.