We all know that what we consume can be our medicine or our poison. Depending what we eat and drink. Olive oil keeps our health on a very high level. Because olive oil can be found in the specific climates like Greece, studies have shown that an average Greek consumes more than 20 l of olive oil a year, and an average American only 2 l. Olive oil is believed to be a miracle. Because of its monounsaturated fat its considered to prevent cancer.

Only one table spoon a day can help your fight against breast cancer. It slows the tumor growth and inhabits the proteins that the cancer needs to grow. Some researchers have shown that it helps the body, specifically its DNA from being damaged from the cancer cells.

It is shown that the olive oil helps to reduce the risk of Alzheimer. There was a study by Journal Toxicology and it is applied in the pharmacology, showing that specific compound found in the Extra Virgin Olive oil called oleocanthal, binds with toxic proteins that clog the synapse on the hippocampus. This specific part of the body is located in the brain and it shows the first signs of Alzheimer. Extra virgin olive oil helps the immune system from infections and protects the heart. It helps the cholesterol level with the help of the polyphone it contains. It was shown that if using Olive oil in cooking you can lower the percentage of stroke down to 40 %. Extra Virgin olive oil can help the inflammation and pain.

Be careful when you by Olive oil. Some companies just want to sell. You need to buy those that are deep rich green in color.

Besides all the health benefits, Extra Virgin olive oil can help you lose weight. The more you consume it the easier you lose your extra weight. If you add the exercise to this treatment you can get amazing results. This is shown because of the oxidation that the olive oil has, increasing the rate of your fat burning.