Do you think that deodorant and antiperspirant are one same thing?

If yes, you are wrong.

Antiperspirants contain chemicals that clogs the pores and prevent sweating.

The deodorant allows perspiration while suppressing the unpleasant smell of sweat.

There are great advertising campaigns that ensure us to use antiperspirant or we will insult the people around us.

The deodorant lets us sweat. But people using deodorant think that they are still embarrassing themselves because they are still sweating and they think that the sweat is mixed with the smell of deodorant and it is awful.

They are wrong.

A lot of deodorants not only that they disguise the smell they even destroy the bacteria that is causing our sweat to smell.

The negative effect on our health.

Antiperspirants and deodorants are both not good for our health.

The sweating is natural way of our body to cool itself. This is medically supported from experts in the medical field. We sweat a lot when we have temperature and people say its good to sweat so that the high temperature leaves the body.

A lot of medical personal assume that the antiperspirant contains specific chemical ingredients that can cause cancer and other serious damage to our body.

There are many studies conveyed on this subject. There is a great correlation between antiperspirants and breast cancer. The risk is even greater when you do it immediately after shaving.

Other studies have shown that the aluminum contained in the antiperspirant is absorbed through the skin and in the bloodstream. At the end accumulates in the brain.

Scientist correlate this phenomenon with Alzheimer`s.

Before the studies there was believed that the deodorant was much safer than the antiperspirant.

But there are a lot of studies that associate the deodorant with the breast cancer. It is because of the parable containing in many deodorants.

After an autopsy of woman body, who died from breast cancer, parable was found in her breast tissue.

I think this is a good issue to raise your concerns.

You need to arm your self with knowledge, gather information and stop using the products that only have “ bio- natural” in their name. You need to see the ingredients, read the labels and than buy what you need. We admit there are great campaigns of big companies that brain wash us with commercials about organic food and natural ingredients. But if you read the label you will see it is not there.

Just remember what you know, what you need and go and buy it.