According to recent studies, coconut oil, olive oil and butter are better for cooking than most vegetable oils. Scientists have discovered that vegetable oils release dangerous chemicals which can cause cancer and other serious diseases. In order to examine the matter further, scientists conducted more studies and were able to identify the harmful ingredients the oils release when cooked – aldehydes. These chemicals have been related to cancer, dementia, heart problems and many other serious diseases and conditions.

Professor Martin Drootveld was one of the leads on the study and claims that fish and chips fried in vegetable oil have 200 times the allowed amount of aldehydes. He says that olive and coconut oil as well as butter release less aldehydes than vegetable oils and considers them a safe alternative for frying.

Dr. Stein from the Oxford University says that frying food in sunflower oil can cause changes in the brain, and also says that the NHS declares vegetable oils safe for cooking. However, most scientists don’t agree with the NHS’s views. They consider vegetable oils harmful and suggest using butter or coconut oil as an alternative. Vegetables oils are exposed to harmful chemical procedures when produced, leading to the accumulation of several harmful substances which are released at high temperatures.

So, if you want to prevent serious diseases and cancer, you should avoid fried and processed food and switch the sunflower oil for a healthier oil of your choice.