We are all aware today about the benefits from using olive oil, coconut oil or butter in our cooking.

Using the vegetable oil in cooking, releases dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer and other diseases.

This started to be the point of research about the health problems that are causing.

The compound that is being released from cooking with vegetable oil  is called the ofaldehydes.

This compound can cause cancer, heart disease or dementia.

If a person uses the vegetable oil to cook can bring 200 times more toxic aldehydes than cooking with olive oil or butter.

The coconut oil is the best from this research to use when cooking.

The neuroscience doctor from Oxford`s University, Dr Stein claims that the human brain can change with the use of corn or sunflower oils.

This Dr also suggests and states that it is better to use butter to fry food instead of vegetables oil.

This is due to the process that the vegetable oils are undergoing reacting with chemicals in order to work properly.

The best way to protect your health is to stop eating fried food first, all processed foods and avoid all those foods that are being processed with vegetable oils.

You can boil or bake the thing you bought from the market if you aren’t aware of the procedure behind it.

The scientists are explicit in the assurance of vegetable oil use in our kitchen. You can use all other oils instead of vegetable ones.

You have been warned about this, and you need to pay attention.