Selenium is needed in our body in small amounts. It has a positive impact on our health. But you should be aware that in large amounts it can be dangerous.

When selenium is in big amounts (200 micrograms per day) in our system then it can cause diabetes type 2, prostate cancer and even high level and risk on the heart. Selenium is one of the elements that our body needs for good health, but it is very important to determine the right dosage, says Mark Mojard, the author of “ The supplement handbook” .

Some studies have shown that selenium is very important for fertility. Woman that consume the right amount of selenium will more likely get pregnant than the woman who don’t.

One option for consuming selenium in our system and be sure about the amount entered is through food. Which food is the one rich with selenium?

1. Brazilian nuts

They are the best source for selenium. They contain 514 mcg ( micrograms) per 30 g of walnuts ( 6-7 walnuts) in their characteristic.


Good source for selenium are also tuna fish with 95 mcg per serving and sardines with 45 mcg per serving.

3.Pork, beef and chicken

Meat is also fill with selenium. Steak has 42 mcg, beef has 33 mcg, turkey has 31 mcg and the chicken has got 22 mcg.

4.Homemade cheese

Cheese that is homemade has got 20 mcg selenium besides the 130 mg calcium per 100 g serving.