Basil has been used for centuries against health problems.

We represent to you 5 ways to use basil as a medicine.

  • Use a pestle to grind 6-7 basil leafs and mixes them with one spoon of honey. One spoon of the mixture, taking it before breakfast enhances the immune system and lowers the hypertensions.
  • Boil one hand full basil leaves in one liter of water. Strain the water and drink it warm every half an hour. Your throat will feel relieved and the stomach will calm down.
  • The previous advice can be used one more way if you have skin inflammations or unbearable itching all with the goal to feel momentarily relief, soak cotton in this water and dab it on the painful spot.
  • Sweet and amazing essential oil from basil helps inflammatory conditions such as the wrist pain or stomach acids. It is known to sharpen the mind and strengthens the nerve system.
  • Apply several drops of essential oil from basil on the top of the nose and eye ends will release stress and attention much faster.