Turmeric – a potent spice with amazing health abilities. It’s a great free radical scavenger, while supporting brain health, protecting cell integrity and encouraging a balanced mood.

Some new studies are now claiming that turmeric also supports thyroid health.

Turmeric and thyroid health

A key to a healthy body is a healthy thyroid. Thyroid regulates metabolism and keeps the hormonal health in balance.

However, many thing including plastic or pesticides are disrupting its balance, accounting for many of the recent thyroid disorders. According to some researches, turmeric may be the strongest weapon against it.

According to the research, people who consumed turmeric are less likely to suffer from goiter, a symptom of iodine deficiency. These are symptoms of hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid is producing less thyroid hormone. This leads to weight gain, lethargy and depression.

Researchers are still not sure how turmeric fights this, but it’s surely connected to its antioxidant, nutritive and soothing qualities.

Turmeric soothes your body

The soothing effect of turmeric is believed to be the key to its abilities. It soothes the irritation in the blood vessels, skin and the brain. Scientists believe that this and the antioxidant potential is what supports thyroid health. The thyroid needs to be soothed when irritated, and turmeric does the trick.

How to use turmeric?

The most common turmeric option on the market is the powdered one. It gives the food a distinct yellow color and adds great health benefits. But a liquid extract of turmeric may be a better option. It can then be consumed straight, or added in smoothies and various beverages.