The FDA doesn`t mean good for the people. There are some things that we think are good for us and we are protected with FDA but we can`t be more wrong. Meat for example. It is decayed and sold to us as fresh. This practice has been banned in Europe and Japan.

Looking at the meat in the USA and Canada we can say that over one third of the chicken and beef is toxic because of the carbon monoxide that it contains. It helps the meat to look fresh and the FDA has approved this procedure without letting the people know what the risks are.

There was an attempt by the Congress to label this meat named HR 3115 but this never happened. The corporate lobby groups’ didn`t allow it.

The properties of carbon monoxide react with the pigment of any meat and make it fresh, or at least look fresh. All signs of not being fresh are eliminated including the odor from the meat. The infection like E-coli, Campylobacter or Salmonella can be found in this meat.

So now there are not many things that will show you if the meat is really fresh or has been processed with carbon monoxide. All the packages with no oxygen was denied from the FDA.

The toxins from this meat cannot be removed with cooking and processing this meat.

Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) was a code accepted by the FDA which allowed the existing regulations and Federal statues to be ignored.

This helps the corporations to deceive consumers claiming that GRAS is what carbon monoxide is.

In Europe, many countries have banned corporations to use carbon monoxide, thanks to the Scientific Committee on Food of the European Commission. They claimed that the carbon monoxide is toxic for the health. It gets in touch to hemoglobin, replacing the oxygen in the bloodstream, causing disorders in the organism.

It can even cause death by CO poisoning.

Everyone should be aware of the food they eat. All food treated with GMO has to be removed from the market. It is toxic for people and for animals.

This article can help you with this awareness, make sure you share it and let everyone know what kind of meat they are consuming.