Toothache can be caused by numerous factors including exposed roots, tooth decay, damaged fillings, cracked teeth, gum disease, etc. Rinsing your mouth with warm salty water is one way of relieving the pain, but here are three more remedies that will get rid of the pain immediately.

  1. Ground salt and pepper

Mix these two ingredients in equal amounts, then add some water to create a paste. Apply it on the painful tooth and see how the pain disappears quickly.

  1. Garlic

Crush a garlic clove, then add a little salt in it, and apply it on the painful tooth.

  1. Garlic cloves and olive oil

Grind a couple garlic cloves and mix them with some olive oil. Apply this mixture on the painful area and the pain will vanish quickly.


  • If there’s swelling along with the pain, chew a piece of onion or place it on the area to eliminate germs
  • Always take good care of your oral health in order to prevent problems
  • Don’t consume too much sugary drinks and sweets
  • If the pain goes on for too long, visit your dentist immediately
  • Visit your dentist regularly in order to maintain your oral health.