This information can help someone that is suffering from cancer. Share it and help!

Even though cancer is a complex disease that is spreading rapidly, it can be helped by simple things. The cancer cells are weakening the immune system letting toxic substances to attack the body.

There are many drugs that can help fight this disease and have been proven as good.

Here are some of these medicines that can help treating cancer.

Baking Soda

Mix one teaspoon baking soda with lemon juice in 250 ml water. It should be consumed few times a day. This helps to lower the acidity in the body beating cancer cells, because they cannot grow in an alkaline environment.

Sanguinary Canadensis (bloodroot)

This seasonal herb can destroy cancer cells without harming the healthy cells.

You can use it orally and externally in the fight of cancer.

Inonotus obliquus, (chaga mushroom)

Thanks to this fungus, the immune system can be modulated and can act as anti-carcinogen.

Vitamin D

The importance of vitamin D in the system is shown in the study of 2006. They revealed that vitamin D can help those patients that are suffering from cancer, especially those who are in postmenopausal period.

Potion of Essiac Tea

This recipe has been used for thousands of years by the Indian people. It later reached in Canada and started to be used in the fight against cancer.

Essiac tea helped in the recovery process.

It is a mixture of anticancer plants that eliminate the toxins in the body. C

If suffering from cancer, a patient only needs to consume Essiac tea few times a day and help themselves in the recovery process.

Flaxseed Oil and young un pressed cheese

A doctor from Germany, by the name of Joanna Budvig has been curing people suffering from cancer for over 50 years. Her healing rate is over 90%.

She used a combination of young un-pressed cheese and flaxseed oil to supply the body with the necessary lipoproteins and fatty acids. Together they can rebuild the balance in the body as well as defeat cancer cells.

Oil made of Cannabis – Cannabis sativa

The cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis oil can help kill cancer cells without destroying healthy cells in the body.

There were many researches and studies conducted that confirm this oil can help treating the cancer cells.


Iodine in the blood is very important. 85  % of the population has a low amount of iodine in the system which later can increase the quantity and the production of the estrogen in the body.

Every person has to do regular checkups for the iodine in the system. Lack of iodine can increase the possibility of cancer cells occurrence. They can help the cancer cells to mutate and allows them to attack the system by created an environment for tumor.

Apricot seeds

Vitamin B17 is a property of dry apricot seeds known as laetrile, which can help in the fight against cancer. A tribe in Pakistan has never heard of cancer, because they have planted many apricot trees and they consume apricot seeds every day.

Broccoli stems

We all know the benefits of broccoli stems. They have more proteins than similar vegetables.

The property sulforaphane reduces the spreading and the growth of cancer cells and can help them kill cancer cells and protect the health overall.

If there is someone that you know who is fighting cancer you may share this information and help them help themselves.