GMO is easily avoided in some countries, but in the U.S.A. the genetic contamination is so high that there’s a great risk that you’ll be consuming a little GMO even if you’re buying organic.

Soy and soy beans are especially high in risk since almost all of the soy in U.S.A. is genetically modified to withstand chemicals. However, according to a new study, there may be a way to protect yourself from the GMO soybeans with olive oil, which can reduce DNA damage made by GMO consumption.

The study used rodents who were given olive oil and GMO soybeans. They showed less DNA damage than the rodents that were given just GMO soybeans.

In many studies, GMO soybeans and corn products have been linked to many health issues from infertility to cancer, but if the study is correct, foods high in health protecting nutrients may help to slow down the damage.

Other benefits of olive oil for halting GMO damage

 The study suggests that olive oil antioxidants stabilize the red blood cells altered by the GMO soybeans. The researchers said that adding EV olive oil to the rat’s diet appeared effective in inhibiting oxidative damage and may also act as a protective agent against liver fibrosis, hyperlipidemia or diabetes. In addition, the olive oil may have a protective function against carcinogenic processes. Further trials should be conducted before it’s clear whether the findings can translate to human illnesses.

Consumers who purchase olive oil should be aware that unless it’s 100%, it can contain filler GMO oils (canola oil).