The modern time and our lifestyles demand that we are always online. The internet and social networks are a blessing and a curse at the same time. Read the article to see the story of a mother who lost her child and learn from it.

We get friend requests on Facebook every day. Some of them we know, and some of them are strangers – people who we don’t know at all. But, judging from the profile picture, you decide to accept the request. After all, it’s just Facebook – what could go wrong?!

With everything quickly forgotten, you have more important things to do. Your daughter or son is going to their first day of school! You’re so proud of them and you take a picture to celebrate the day, posting it on Facebook. You write a caption: “What a day! Unbelievable how big my sweetheart has become.” You upload it and it’s done. But, this can have terrifying consequences. The stranger you befriended before can now save the picture, upload it to an online catalogue and send it on thousands of men around the world, with a note underneath it: “Youngblood, American girl. Not even 6! Only 10000 dollars!”

You may not be aware of this, but it is really happening. After a few weeks, you go to pick up your girl from school, but she’s nowhere to be seen. You look everywhere, ask anyone if they had seen her, you panic… What’s happening to your child at the moment is probably not something you’d like to know. All of it could have been avoided if you haven’t made that crucial mistake. Even if you are lucky and your child is spared, you will have to live with the disgusting though that she was listed in an online catalogue for child molesters! STOP ACCEPTING FRIEND REQUESTS FROM TOTAL STRANGERS! A friend less is far better than experiencing this story.

Be ever vigilant and always be skeptical when dealing with strangers online. Reject their requests, and most importantly: do not post pictures of your children! They often land in the hands of pedophiles who are always looking for this sort of thing on the Internet. Act as in real life – you wouldn’t show everyone your private life, right? Do the same on the Internet.