This medicine is often recommended by the doctors for patients with low immune system. It is rich with active substances that help the body fight many difficult diseases, and can be consumed even by healthy people.


½ l lemon juice ( made from 1kg lemons) is mixed with:

1kg honey ( 1 jar, if the honey is crystallized, should be mixed until its melted)

350g taan (1/2 jar) and then you add:

250g almonds

250 g nuts

250g hazelnuts

250g sesame (grinded on a coffee grinder)

10g cinnamon, (grinded) or 10g nutmeg (grinded)

30 ml propolis

This medicine gives excellent results. Patients with carcinoma or in chemotherapy in the beginning take high dose 4 soup spoons a day like this:

  • first spoon in the morning on an empty stomach
  • second spoon 2 hours after breakfast
  • third spoon 2 hours after lunch
  • and the last one, the fourth one at night before going to sleep

When it is assured that the immune system is good, for the continuance with the medicine the dosage is lowered in half, you take 4 teaspoons daily in the same routine. This lowered dosage can be taken by healthy people as well for keeping their immune system healthy.