What would you think if anyone told you that there’s a bacterium infecting 2/3 of the world population? You will probably just laugh it off. But there is a bacterium in the intestines which has caused issues for quite a while.

Have you heard of H. Pylori? It’s not embarrassing if you didn’t – the H. Pylori is very difficult to identify without proper medical examination.

How can you tell?

This bacterium manifests in the form of burping, bloating, heartburn, esophageal reflux, constipation, diarrhea, upper mid-stomach pains and flatulence. As these are side effects of many issues, H. Pylori is hard to identify.

Pylori is the main culprit for gastritis, an inflammation in the stomach lining. This is responsible for 90% of every duodenal ulcer and 80% of every gastric ulcer. The bacterium can even cause cardiovascular issues, headaches and Raynaud’s sickness –reduced blood flow in the hands and feet.

This bacterium can lead to depression and anxiety because of the lack of serotonin in the brain. Seeing what it causes, it’s no wonder that some people are uncomfortable in public when this bacterium is floating around them.

It can happen to you

It can be extremely difficult to deal with H. Pylori, when you don’t even know what’s going on inside you. It lives in the stomach lining and this is of course, not connected to depression and anxiety. However, the bacterium causes these issues without you knowing it.

Pylori can be contracted by tainted food or water, by means of fecal matter. If someone prepares your food without washing their hands you are in danger. Check the conditions of the restaurant or diner when you enter, and check the cleanliness in your home.

What can you do about it?

Consult with your doctor for the best way of treatment. Most of the cases have had the bacterium irradiated. Anti-infection agents are also valuable.

A change in your diet is recommended – eat foods full of vitamin A, C, E and zinc, which secure your stomach lining. Also, try some probiotics like lactobacilli.

The source of H. Pylori is not known, but there are ways we can avoid it. Make sure you keep everything clean and drink water from a safe source. If you think you contracted H. Pylori, consult your doctor right away. You can never be too careful with this, as it brings issues in social and work life.

How can you lose weight?

Make this drink to lose weight and gain energy.


one lemon

one cucumber

one tablespoon of grated ginger

one tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice

A bunch of cilantro or parsley

Half a glass of water


Blend all the ingredients in a blender and voila! Your drink is ready!

How does it work?

These ingredients burn the fat while you’re sleeping – you can feel it after just one glass! The combination of ingredients boosts the metabolism, so even when sleeping it’s working at full speed.

Far burning properties of the ingredients

– Cucumbers are a great choice for fat burning. They are the main element in every weight loss program

– Parsley and cilantro have almost no calories and are full of antioxidants. They also contain vitamins and minerals which ease the water retention and help with inflated stomach

– Ginger prevents constipation and boosts metabolism. It burns fat while you sleep

– Lemon juice is responsible for flushing toxins out of our body

– Aloe Vera is especially powerful for weight loss

Stay hydrated – drink lots of water

Water is extremely important for our health and weight loss – when you aren’t drinking enough, the metabolism is slowed and doesn’t burn calories as it should. So give it a boost and drink plenty of water.