Everyone’s trying to improve the quality of their facial skin, so we resort to chemical-laden creams and tonics that are pretty expensive. These products contain tiny beads that polish the skin, while the creamy base moisturizes it and makes it smoother. However, these creams are not always successful. The only solution left is for you to try a natural facial cream that will work.

This article presents one such cream that is easily made and contains only two natural ingredients – baking soda and coconut oil. They are very effective against problematic skin and are easily available, not to mention cheap. Of course, they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, so nothing should stop you from preparing your own facial cleansing cream.

When these two ingredients are combined, they create a powerful mix that can treat acne, redness, scarring and remove any dirt and oil build-up. Baking soda is a widely used ingredient in any household. It is usually used in homemade baking goods (hence the name), but it can also be a powerful polishing and deep-cleansing agent. Baking soda works great as a substitute for the chemical cleaners present on the market. Besides these uses, baking soda is also used as a cosmetic product, as a teeth whitener or deodorant. Acne are no match for baking soda, which is an amphoteric compound that can be used to restore the skin’s natural pH balance. That’s why baking soda is so effective in any facial skin breakouts.

The other ingredient, coconut oil, has strong antibacterial, moisturizing and healing properties, which make it an ideal solution for your facial skin. The coconut oil is gentler than baking soda and balances its roughness when they’re mixed together. When buying coconut oil, go for the wet-milled traditional type that often gets the best results.

Here’s how to prepare the facial cream:


Coconut oil

Baking soda


The amount of the ingredients is determined by the type of skin. For sensitive skin, use a 2:1 coconut oil to baking soda ratio. If you need an exfoliator, use a 1:1 ratio. Mix the ingredients well and apply them to your skin. Now, you have two options: either leave the mixture on for a few minutes or wash it off immediately with some warm water. Always make smaller amounts of the cream, just enough for a single treatment.

This homemade mask will be amazing for your skin, and the best part is that it’s made from cheap and easily available ingredients. Try it yourself, you have nothing to lose!