I presume all of you know the benefits from ginger. Ginger can help prevent type 2 diabetes in pre-diabetics. This has been published in the American Diabetes association.

A study was conducted on 70 type 2 diabetes patients that had double- blinded and placebo controlled clinical trial. They study wanted to show the effect of ginger on the glycemic status, lipid profile and inflammatory markers with this specific disease. One group received 1600 mg ginger and the other 1600 mg placebo daily in the period of 12 weeks. The patients were measured prior the trial for their blood sugar levels, blood lipids, C- reactive, proteins, prostaglandin E2 and tumor necrosis factor alpha.

Ginger helped patients suffering from both type 1 and type 2diabetes.

The dosage could be measured in a quarter of a teaspoon.  The patients received two doses of 800 mg, divided twice a day, orally with capsules. If the dosage is higher it may have opposite effects than expected. It was proven that lower dose (750mg) of rosemary improved cognition, but higher dose (6,000mg) interfered with the cognition.

The proper usage of the ginger may have positive or negative effect. It is always best to use the lower dose that has been passed down through generations in the culinary applications.