Let us ask you something: do you know what gelatin is? Gelatin is a collagen derivative obtained from animal by-products that consists of two amino acids – glycine and proline. These amino acids are present in the bones, fibrous tissues and organs of animals, and the world’s population doesn’t get enough of them.

They are required for proper skin, hair and nail health, as well as for balanced weight and optimal immune function. Glycine is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which can accelerate wound healing, which is why it’s often given to recovering hospital patients.

Why do hospitals give jello to sick people?

Jello is a clear liquid similar to soup and tea which is easily digested. It goes easy on the stomach and is suitable for any kind of patient lying in the hospital as it doesn’t disturb the intestines and contains enough sugar and calories. Jello is the best food you can have if you’re on a liquid diet.

Gelatin can reinforce your gut integrity by stimulating gastric acid secretion and restoring the mucosal lining of the stomach. It also absorbs water and keeps fluids in the digestive tract, effectively promoting good intestinal transit and healthy bowel movements.

Health benefits of gelatin

Gelatin contains rich amounts of protein and can easily improve your digestion by binding to water and helping fluids move through your intestines freely. It can resolve food intolerances and allergies and heal the damaged lining of your stomach and digestive tract. It’s great for your bones and joints as well, and can clean your body of harmful toxins.

As we mentioned before, gelatin is vital for proper nail, hair and skin health. It improves your skin’s elasticity better than most facial creams and keeps it hydrated. According to a recent study, it can also improve your sleep. The study showed that people who don’t consume enough glycine report less drowsiness during daytime and had better cognitive function. Last, but not least, gelatin can also stimulate weight loss by increasing the production of the Human Growth Hormone and boosting your metabolism.

Delicious homemade jello


A cup of orange juice

A cup of grape juice

A cup of green tea

Honey or stevia

3 tablespoons of gelatin


Prepare the green tea first, then add the honey or stevia and the gelatin as well. Mix until dissolved, then remove the pot from heat and allow it to cool down. In the end, add the orange and grape juice in and mix well. Next, transfer the mixture to a container and put it in the fridge for 3 hours. That’s it – your tasty homemade jello is now prepared! Enjoy!