High blood pressure has unfortunately become a pretty common condition nowadays, with a big part of the world’s population suffering from it. It is often caused by lack of sleep, excessive alcohol and salty food consumption, smoking, obesity and stress.

Due to heavy workouts or stress, our muscles are strained and our blood vessels constrict, which makes the blood pressure rise. In order to reduce it, we need to relax the muscles. Lu Hens, the main physician of the Spartak Moscow, the famous Russian football club, has recently revealed a natural remedy which can lower your blood pressure in just 5 minutes. According to Hens, proper blood flow is of vital importance for normal blood pressure – if it’s reduced in some body part, it can cause numerous diseases. Massaging certain points on the body can resolve a number of medical conditions and regulate your blood pressure as well. Here’s how you can try the method:

Point #1

Press the line behind the earlobe that goes to the middle of the clavicle with the tips of your fingers and repeat the process 10 times per side.

Point #2

This point is located close to the earlobe, about half a centimeter from the ear towards the nose. Massage it with your fingertips for a minute and make sure you’re applying steady pressure.

This amazing treatment works as magic and will normalize your blood pressure in only 5 minutes! Try it yourself and you will be amazed by the results.