The statistic conducted on Americans showed that people drink more soda than they drink water. 25% of all consumed drinks is the soda. There were sold over 15 billion gallons of soda in 2000, and if looked for one person it is 12 ounce per day. The soda can do this to your body:

  • The cause of obesity – the balance is that one soda can sugary drink can bring one pound weight gain every month. It consists of artificial sweeteners causing hormonal and physiological disorder in the body.
  • The drink can cause liver damage- It brings increased possibility of cirrhosis, similar to the chronic alcoholics.
  • Tooth decay- the tooth is affected by the soda and the sugar in it. It is proven to harm more than a candy.
  • It can cause kidney stones and chronic kidney disease – sodas have phosphoric acid changing the urine leading to kidney stone formation. The sodas can increase the risk of developing kidney stones by 15 %.
  • It can cause diabetes- the weight gain can lead to getting diabetes. Researchers have connected the growth of diabetes type 2 among Americans with the sodas up to 6.6 million in 1980 to 20.8 million today.