Bloated belly is an uncomfortable issue that makes a woman look like she’s pregnant. It occurs due to extra fluids and gasses in the stomach.

Salty foods are high in sodium, so when we eat this kind of food, the digestive system keeps water in the body to prevent dehydration. Fluid retention can also be caused by birth control pills or certain medications.

How to detox your gut?

Making small changes in your diet and lifestyle will work wonders for your digestive system if you’re suffering from bloating. Add more fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet – this will help the body flush out all the extra fluid and gasses. You can start by making a healthy, delicious juice with watermelon, celery, lemon and cucumber. Drink the juice every day to prevent gasses, extra fluids and toxins.

A sedentary lifestyle leads to swelling in the legs and feet, and this amazing natural juice will help you with this problem.

Give it a try – you have nothing to lose!