Diabetes is not an easy disease to treat, but you should know that there are many natural remedies that can help you. Many of nature’s plants are anti-diabetic agents that have been used as a natural remedy against diabetes for centuries. Not all treatments were safe in the past, though – arsenic and uranium were considered a diabetes remedy, but they also harmed diabetics. However, they were afterwards abandoned in favor of natural remedies.

Diabetes is a disease which occurs when the body can’t use or produce sufficient amounts of insulin. It is usually treated with insulin shots which the unfortunate diabetics must take for the rest of their life. However, they have adverse side-effects which could worsen the condition, which is why you should regulate your blood sugar levels with natural remedies. Insulin shots are not even that effective – according to studies, there are other things that can help you regulate your blood sugar levels better. Simple lifestyle changes such as adding oatmeal and legumes in your diet can reduce insulin resistance in your body and help you defeat the disease. The European Diabetes Association for the study of Diabetes, the American Diabetes Association and the Canadian Association of Diabetics all list legumes as a potential natural cure for the disease.

According to a recent meta-analysis of 41 diabetes studies in Canada, which examined over 1000 subjects, legumes can keep your blood sugar levels stable. Some legumes pulses (legumes’ grain seed) were more effective than others, though, with chickpeas offering the best results. Black beans and pistos provided far better results than plain beans. Combined with rice, they reduced sugar spikes in the blood of the subjects better, while red and dark beans were not as effective due to the presence of digestive starch.

Beans can help you defeat diabetes as they contain compounds that can block the starch enzymatic reaction in your system, leaving the starches to go directly to the colon and feed the helpful bacteria in the gut. This process is similar to what the popular diabetes drug Precose does. Consuming beans regularly can regulate your Hemoglobin A1C levels better than any prescription drug, which means that beans are indeed a natural remedy against diabetes.