The wax out of the ear drums is not cleaned properly with the Q- tips.

So a new way has been found which is both successful and safe for removing the ear cerumen. We all know of many products sold on the market for this problem but not all of them help and they are no natural.

Here you can read about a natural option and can get amazing benefits from it. You can both use it to eliminate ear ache as well as ear infection.

The needed ingredients are rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. The rubbing alcohol can destroy up to 85% aerobic bacteria acting as cleaner and disinfectant.  The white vinegar can treat the infection acting as antimicrobial and antibiotic.

The mixture from these two ingredients if applied to the ear can help against infection, can dissolve earwax and keep the canals dry with no pain at all.

The preparation is easy:

You need to combine the vinegar and the alcohol in the ratio 1:1. Afterwards you need to pour 5 milliliters of it (a teaspoon) into your ear and tilt your head to the opposite side. Stay n that position for a minute, after which you need to sit back up and let the mixture drain from the ear. You can do the same with the other ear.

If you have an ear infection you can repeat this twice a day, or to clean the earwax and trapped water.

This procedure is being used only with mild or moderate wax buildup or ear infection. If otherwise you need to consult a doctor.

After using this treatment for several days and you still don’t feel any better you need to consult your doctor and take a pain medication for perforated eardrum.