Mary Tony is a 98-year old American who lives alone, trying to pass her time, always stuck inside her house. Every day, a bus stops in front of Mary’s house to take her to the local senior center. For just a couple of hours, she forgets everything about her depressing life. But today, her visit is different as there is a camera recording everything. Mary laughs and is very excited, and the people in the center try to do everything so she has a good time. An employee says “I hope, that if they go home and the next day they don’t come because they’re no longer here, that their last day was full of joy.” When the camera team asked her why the job was important to her personally, she answered that this was because the people are still living, and are not unlike when they were younger.

At home, Mary is sad. The recording team wanted to know what she does and she answered: “What should I do? Where could I go? I am alone. I can’t see. I can’t hear. I can’t live with my nieces; they have their own families. I can barely wait for the morning so that I can go again. I really like it there. But there is nobody there on Saturday and Sunday. I take advertising brochures and tear the pages into strips. Then I cut the strips into small pieces and throw them into a bag and then into the trash, I have to do something, otherwise I’ll go crazy”.

The employees at the local senior center wonder how all these old people live and what they do at home. However, Mary says that loneliness is not an excuse for self-pity. There are not many 98-year olds that can walk on their own, but she can. And, she wants to continue doing it. She said that she loved the team for coming to her, and that she really liked the attention. She finally feels that she’s not alone and that there are people who truly care for her. Mary’s story should be shared – old people should not be forgotten just because they are old.