People don’t usually give much thought to the food they consume. However, many ingredients in processed foods are poisonous – meaning that they’re highly processed chemicals or ingredients which can endanger our health. These foods can be toxic, dangerous and unsafe. This article presents the most popular foods that you should look out for. Here’s a list:


Nutmeg is a hallucinogen. Only 5.5 grams of it can cause cramps and 8 grams can cause an attack! Just one nutmeg daily can be the cause for psychosis.


The leaves of this plant are highly toxic as they contain oxalic acid that can cause kidney stones. Small amount of rhubarb can cause serious health issues, and 5 kg. of it can be lethal.


We sometimes get potatoes with green skin, but these are highly toxic. The skin and sprouts of the green potatoes contains glycoalkoloids, which can cause diarrhea, coma and in the worst cases can be fatal!


Tuna is extremely dangerous as it contains mercury. Mercury can be absorbed in the brain and cause great damage. Children and women should especially avoid tuna as the FDA recommends.


There are two types of almonds: bitter and sweet. Almonds with bitter taste contain high amounts of hydrogen cyanide, and 7 out of 10 nuts will cause serious health issues in adults and can be fatal in children.