Gym practice is not the only way you can burn fat – in fact there are many. Some are very easy to implement and can be found with simple dietary additions.

The crucial part is consistency, which is why implementing 3 simple tips like these can have a big impact.

These tips will not just support health and burn fat by day, they’ll do the same while you sleep!

Three ways to burn fat while you’re sleeping

The first tip is about a drink that optimizes health if you drink it at the right time.

The second one is about a handful of cheap ingredients you can add in soups, salads and various recipes to help increase the nutrient absorption and boost your metabolism.

The final one is a quick and easy recipe for the liver, which will help eliminate belly fat toxins and prevent the blood sugar to spike to very high – even if you had sweets after dinner.

Here’s the video our friends from the Healthy Wind and Free made with 3 simple tips about burning fat: