Have you thought about what happens when you sit in your car and turn the engine on? You are putting your health in danger. Here is how…

When a car is outside, even if it is in the shadows, it can accumulate up to 400-800 mg benzene.

If the car is parked in the sun, considering the temperature is higher than 16 degrees Celsius, the benzene level can reach up to 2000-4000mg. This is 40 times more than the permitted level. When the windows are closed and you are sitting inside you can inhale the benzene without knowing the toxic effect that it may have on your kidneys, liver and bone tissue.

If you read the car`s manual, you will see that it says you should open the windows before turning the A/C on. However it doesn’t explain why.

Here is the medical explanation of why you should do this every time before you turn you’re A/C on:

Before it starts to cool the air, the air conditioner ejects all of the heated air out. In this air the benzene is hidden. So, next time you sit in your car make sure you open your windows first for few minutes and after that you can turn the A/C on. You will not smell any heated plastic but the doctors assure that the benzene is there. Don’t suffer from any consequences, just open your windows and then start the A/C.