Usually when you have leftovers, you don’t throw it away, but you reheat them and enjoy them again. Sometimes this will be acceptable, but some certain foods should not be reheated because they present a risk to the health. This is because certain foods lose their nutritious value after being reheated. So you should never reheat any of these foods. I bet you would never consider any of these foods to be possibly dangerous.

Here are 7 foods that you should NEVER reheat and consume again.

  1. Beets

When consuming beets you input nitrates that are good for the health. But this vegetable shouldn’t be reheated because they lose their nitrates.

  1. Chicken

We all love chicken. It is filling with proteins, but if reheated the composition of the proteins will change, causing digestive problems. It is better to consume it cold than to reheat it. If you think it is necessary to reheat then make sure you reheat it on a low temperature for longer time.

  1. Potato

Potatoes contain lots of nutritional value. But if you leave them for longer period of time you lose their nutritional value, and can even become toxic for your system.

  1. Mushrooms

I believe you have heard it before but here it is again. Mushrooms should never be reheated. They should be consumed immediately after preparation. If they are left for the next day, you may eat them but only cold. If they are reheated they can cause digestive problems but also some other health problems, due to their protein change.

  1. Spinach

Spinach is full with high level of nitrates but when reheated they turn into nitrites. Then they become carcinogenetic for the body. The best way is to consume spinach right after preparation.

  1. Eggs

If you have boiled or scrambled eggs as a leftover you should never reheat them. They become toxic when exposed to high temperatures due to reheating. This doesn’t apply for those foods where eggs are involved throughout the preparation process.

  1. Celery

The celery is rich in nitrates. Like other foods on this list you shouldn’t reheat the celery. We often use the celery in the soup. So when reheating the soup you should take out the celery as well as the carrots.

This list should be a reminder what not to reheat. So when you have leftovers and they consist of any of these foods from the list then you should definitely throw them away than to reheat them. They are toxic for the health. Just think about the health risks and don’t eat them reheated.