If the colon works properly, it digests and cleanses the entire body.

When the food is ingested it passes through the intestines and breaks down in the gut. During the process of digestion the nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal walls and the toxins and waste should travel to the rectum and the colon so that later they are removed from the system. Fecal comes when the colon has waste build up.

When you feel immobile and dry all day it means that the excretion is stopped. The feces that are ready to be excreted are blocking the way of the new waste that is suppose to get out and the toxins start to build up in the body. This results to some health problems. It can lead to diabetes, liver and kidney disease.

You can use laxatives, herbal or enemas remedies and even colonic hydrotherapy and irrigation. It is always best to use natural colon cleansing method.

Colon Cleansing Method

The intestines can hold up to 25 pounds of toxins and waste. This result is based on processed and fast food.

The doctors recommend taking 1-3 tablespoons of flaxseed daily, 20 days in a row to cleanse the bowels. This will restore the gut flora and improve the digestion.

Implementing the flaxseed to your diet

This should be used for three weeks. Here is how to do it.

Week one

A mixture of 100 ml kefir with 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed daily for a week.

Week two

The mixture now is 100 ml kefir and 2 tablespoons ground flaxseed daily.

Week three

Prepare a mixture of 100 ml kefir and 3 tablespoons grounded flaxseed and consume it daily for a week.

You should always make fresh and consume it fresh. You should also drink 2 l water every day besides the kefir and flaxseed.

You can only use this type of colon cleanser therapy once a year.