Can water really flush fat from your body? Yes, it can! Water is vital for proper body function and keeps the fluids moving while hydrating the tissues as well. Our body is not always able to break down fatty deposits which is why you need to improve your dietary habits and help it function properly.

The body breaks down fat for energy, while eliminating triglycerides in the fat cells. They are further broken down to fatty acids and glycerols and later absorbed into the muscles and organs. Different chemical processes contribute to the breakdown of fat. When the body can’t use the product leftovers as energy source, they turn to waste material and need to be eliminated.

The power of water

The body needs water in order to flush out waste. First, it filters the leftover material out of the organs, then transports the waste to the bladder where it’s eliminated through the urinary tract. In order to ease the process, you need to drink more water. Experts recommend 8 glasses a day, although the exact amount depends on your weight, physical activity and the season.

Water is the best beverage you can drink and it’s required for proper hydration. If dehydrated, you will experience headaches and low energy levels, which is why you should stick to the recommended amount of water every day.

Here’s a recipe for a water-based fat busting beverage:


2 l. of purified water

Half a grapefruit

1 tangerine

1 cucumber

4 peppermint leaves

Ice cubes


Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and drink the beverage the next day. Keep in mind that the ingredients should be organic and washed clean.

Tangerines can regulate your blood sugar levels and the high vitamin C content helps the body burn more fat during workouts. Cucumbers are rich in water and provide a feeling of satiety while also possessing diuretic properties, while the fresh mint leaves improve your digestion.

Although beneficial, the beverage can’t burn fat alone. This is why you need to engage in physical activities in order to lose more fat. You should also eat a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables as well.