Your heart is working all the time, beating over 100000 times daily. In order to keep the arteries healthy, you should drink something that enhances them. A new study at Penn State University proves that beetroot juice is the drink that eases the heart’s workload because of its rich contents of nitrates which dilate the blood vessels.

The tests were specifically designed to see if beetroot juice can help athletes play at a higher level than the usual. Many professional basketball, football players and other athletes such as weight lifters consume this drink to improve their muscle’s blood flow and keep them from tiredness. The study measured blood flow to the forearm during a hand grip test. The juice didn’t make the arteries deliver more blood to the working muscles while they contracted.

Jin-Kwang Kim, one of the researchers said: “Beetroot juice… had no effect on the dilation (widening) of the brachial artery in these volunteers”.

However, people with poor health will benefit more from beetroot juice than athletes, the researchers believe. The athletes are always in good health and have increased blood flow in their muscles, so there was not much room for improvement anyway.

Researcher David Proctor notes that the test subjects were young people with healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, no improvement was made because they already had healthy vascular endolethial function at the start. But, if your lifestyle is sedentary and does not involve working out, beetroot juice will be a game changer in your cardiovascular health.