This is an exciting story, a story of scientists that managed to eradicate tumors by extracting a drug from a fruit of the blushwood tree. The experimental drug, EBC-46, is found in the berry of this tree, a plant rarely found except for the remote area of the Atherton Tablelands.

During the experiments, it was found that a single injection of the drug into the melanoma models and cancers in the neck, destroyed the long standing tumors in more than 70% of cases!

Dr. Glen Boyle, from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and the head of the research says: “In the preclinical trials this drug was injected in the subjects and within a few minutes we saw purpling in the area which looked like a bruise, which is a positive sign.” He added that the tumor became black in 24 hours, and after a few days, only a scab was visible. In 1.5 weeks, the scab falls off, leaving behind a clean skin. All of this is done in amazing time!

Researchers believe that the drug triggers a cellular response that opens the tumors and cuts of its blood supply. Boyle explains that this is probably why they saw a bruise. Afterwards, our body and the immune system step up and clean the mess.

Veterinarians have also tried out the experiment. However, there’s no evidence yet that EBC-46 may be effective in metastatic cancer.

QBiotics, a subsidiary of EcoBiotics – the company that discovered the drug, is now developing EBC-46 as a human and veterinary pharmaceutical. They are also looking into the possibility of blushwood plantation.

Dr. Boyle has now been granted Phase-1 clinical trials on humans, but even if they prove successful, they will not replace chemo therapy in the near future.

EBC-46 can be used by people who don’t respond to chemo, or elderly who cannot undergo more chemo therapy, Dr. Boyle explains.

The preclinical trials were funded by QIRM Berghofer as well as the National Health and Medical Research Council. The results were published in their journal PLOS One.