Are you suffering from digestive problems? Are you an alcoholic and your liver needs help? Do you have menstrual cramps? If you’re suffering from these conditions, your wallet may be suffering more from the cost of the prescribed drugs which your doctor says are essential.

Luckily for you, we have some good news – ginger can help you relieve all the problems naturally! Ginger is an ancient plant which has been used in Asia for millennia thanks to its amazing health benefits. For thousands of years, ginger has been used as a digestive cure, and has been referred to as the “wonder medicine” for nausea, loss of appetite, pain, cramps, motion sickness, etc.

Ginger (latin name Zingiberofficinale), probably comes from Ireland, andits medicinal properties can be extracted by steam distillation. Although the exact origin of the plant is debatable, the health benefits of ginger are well-known.

Healing properties

Ginger is a great antiseptic, laxative, stimulant and anesthetic agent. The antiseptic properties can prevent infections in wounds, and as a stimulant, it can be used to improve performance in bed or strengthen the heart and liver. The laxative properties are great against digestive problems and the anesthetic properties make it a great toothache remedy.

Throughout history, the ancient Egyptians and Greeks used it to protect themselves from the plague. Ancient Romans used is as an aphrodisiac, while the Chinese made ginger teas and tonics to improve the heart function and ease congestion pain. In Hawaii, it has been used as an indigestion remedy, while in the Philippines it has been used as an antiseptic.

Ginger oil health benefits

  1. Alleviates digestive disorders

If you’re suffering from indigestion, ginger can alleviate the condition easily and bring you relief in minutes. Ginger oil is effective against numerous digestive problems such as diarrhea, colic, stomach cramps, LBM (Loose Bowel Movement), and will work quickly if you apply a couple of drops on your stomach area.

  1. Enhances sexual performance

Does your partner complain about the lack of sexual passion? Are you having problems such as erectile dysfunction? If you want to make love like a pro, apply a few ginger oil drops on acupressure points on your feet and you will improve your sexual performance! Ginger has a warming effect on the body and increases your sexual desire. It also increases the blood flow and energy which is beneficial for people having trouble with erection.

  1. Relieves muscle and menstrual pain

If you’re having bad menstrual cramps, you can use ginger oil to relieve them quickly. Ginger contains zingibain, a pain-relieving ingredient which can reduce back pain, headaches, soreness and menstrual cramps. It can be consumed orally or applied directly on the skin. Drink 1-2 drops of ginger oil every day or mix it with a carrier oil and apply it on your skin.

  1. Improves your liver function

If you need to heal your liver, adding a couple of drops of ginger oil to a glass of drinking water and drinking the mixtureevery day will certainly help. Ginger oil has antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties which can improve your liver function, and according to a recent study, it’s a great natural remedy against alcoholic fatty liver disease.

  1. Good for the heart

Ginger oil can maintain your heart health and even improve its function. The oil significantly reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease by improving your lipid metabolism, a process crucial for reducing cholesterol. A study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center has shown that ginger can reduce the levels of the “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and acts as a blood thinner.

Here’s how to prepare homemade ginger ale which can treat chronic ailments:


1 ½ a cup of fresh chopped ginger

2 cups of water

¼ – 1/3 of a cup of organic honey

1 quart of chilled seltzer

3 tablespoons of fresh lime juice


Pour the water in a saucepan and add the ginger, then cook on low heat for 45 minutes. Afterwards, remove the mixture from the heat and cover it, then let it cool down for about 20 minutes. Strain the mixture and add the honey in the end. Now, pour the mixture in the saucepan again, then add some sugar and a pinch of salt and heat over medium heat until the honey is fully dissolved. Finally, pour the syrup in a jar and allow it to cool down completely.

To make the drink, mix the syrup, seltzer and lime juice to taste.

Ginger essential oil is the best way to benefit from the helpful properties of ginger due to the high concentration of gingerol. You can drink it or rub it on your skin by mixing it with a carrier oil such as grapeseed or avocado oil. Just 1-2 drops of ginger oil are enough for use.

CAUTION: ginger oil shouldn’t be applied on your private parts! Before applying the oil on your skin, it’s best to test it on a smaller area on your skin first. If you want to dilute it before consumption, add some almond milk or any type of milk. Raw ginger oil can be very “hot” for consumption.