The body needs Vitamin E. It acts as an antioxidant in the system allowing the lipids to work properly. The GMO food and many other processed foods today may work on getting your body lack of this important Vitamin. You can read here about some signs when the Vitamin E deficiency appears in the body. You can be aware of your immune system and get the notice if the immunity levels are higher it means that the Vitamin E levels are good.

Here are 7 signs that you easily can notice and connect them to the vitamin E deficiency.

  1. The muscle weakness in children. The muscle weakness may be a sign of something else but it is probably the sign of lack of vitamin E in the system. When a child has muscle weakness it can show in the muscles, the liver, the bone marrow and the brain function. This may also appear in an adult and show the same characteristics.
  2. The loss of hair or too dry hair can be a sign of vitamin E deficiency. Vitamin E goes in the hair and keeps it firm, holding it full from the roots to the end. If someone has started to lose hair rapidly or has too dry hair is a sign of vitamin E deficiency.
  3. The decrease of Sex drive among adults can be a sign of vitamin E deficiency. You are the only one that can know if this is actually happening, meaning when you do feel lack of sex drive. If this occurs, it means that vitamin E is lacking in the system. Consult your doctor.
  4. The cataracts can be a sign of vitamin E deficiency. The area of the lens in the eye should be clear, but if becomes cloudy or opaque it can be the lack of vitamin E. It can occur in the both eyes. The cataracts can be divided in three groups: nuclear, cortical and posterior capsular. The difference is in the area. The nuclear is in the center of the lens, the cortical is in the outer edges of the center and the posterior capsular is in the back and outer layers of the lens. You need to get more vitamin E if this happens.
  5. Leg cramps are a symptom as well. They can occur when it is stretched or overworked. During an illness it may occur more often. If the leg cramps start to hurt a lot and are sudden it means that the vitamin E is needed.
  6. Red blood cells are important for the body. Fragile blood cells can be the cause of vitamin E deficiency. The protein in the cells which carries the oxygen via hemoglobin is provided by the red blood cells. They should be round and flat with an indentation in the middle. When the blood cells become fragile they may burst and create complications. The oxygen or carbon dioxide can`t be transmitted. The red blood cells leave for about 120 days, you need to do anything you can to let them do as much as they can while living.
  7. A large sign for vitamin E deficiency is the slow tissue healing. If the tissue heals properly and quickly it means that the body is getting enough vitamin E. If the healing becomes slower and create other problems you might want to consider the vitamin E deficiency.