Like any mother, Jackie Fedro fulfilled her 13-year old daughter’s Christmas wish – a mobile phone. Her daughter was very happy, but nobody could guess what was about to happen.

One day while Jackie was on the phone, she heard an agonizing scream that froze her blood. Her daughter, Gabbie, ran down the stairs screaming and holding her hand against her neck, and her mother was shocked by what she saw!

Gabbie had extreme burns on her neck! She had been using her phone while it was charging when the cable touched her necklace and caused 2nd degree burns on her neck! Jackie posted the photos on her Facebook profile in order to raise awareness about the dangers of using a mobile phone while it is charging. Sadly, Gabbie is not the only one who suffered those kind of burns.

This is a warning to everyone! Smartphones are an essential part of our lives, but like any electrical appliance, you have to be careful with them, especially while they’re plugged in! Regrettably, Jackie’s daughter learned this the hard way, but at least others can learn from this horrible mistake.