Any kind of artificial sweets can lead to diseases such as diabetes, dementia, depression, cancer, infertility, heart diseases, etc. Statistics show that the average American consumes about 152 pounds of sugar annually, and weighs about 196 pounds. The average American woman weighs about 167 pounds, compared to women’s average weight of 141 lbs. in the 1960s. Kids in the USA consume about 34 teaspoons of sugar daily, causing a pre-diabetic condition in every 1 of 4 kids.

The 152 pounds of sugar yearly equals to 22 teaspoons of sugar every day. The increase in weight and the consummation of sugar are clearly connected. Only a glass of milkshake packed with sugar immediately increases the blood sugar levels and insulin production, and refined sugar doesn’t even have any nutritional value. According to a Harvard study, the sugar cravings originate in the brain.

The big 10

Dr. Mark Hyman offers a unique way of losing without diets or food deprivation. His diet consists of carb-reversing foods that can reset the brain and remove the sugar from your diet. Six hundred people tried the diet and lost 4000 pounds in total in only 10 days!

10-day detox diet

This article presents a 10-day detox diet which can clean your body from sugar and carbs.

Decide to detox

Detox is the first step you must take toward getting rid of sugar. There are some questions in Dr. Hyman’s book that will help you decide whether you need the detox or not. If you answer yes to all of them, detox is exactly what you need.

Cold turkey

Any addiction must be cut in its roots. If you want to successfully cut out the sugar from your diet, you need to stop consuming all its forms. That means that artificial sweeteners and flour products must be excluded from your menu in the next period. They slow the metabolism, increase the sugar cravings and create fat deposits in the body. Stick to whole, fresh foods instead.

Don’t drink calories

Dr. Hyman says that “Any form of liquid sugar calories is worse than solid food with sugar or flour.” This means that you should avoid juices, sodas, sports drinks, and sweetened tea or coffee. They contain a lot of calories and worsen the condition. Only a single can of soda can increase the risk of obesity by 60% in children and the risk of type 2 diabetes by 80% in women.

Protein power

Increasing your daily protein intake is the best thing from this diet. Protein regulates the blood sugar and insulin levels as it is a carb-free source of energy. It also makes you feel full because it takes longer to digest. Start your day with some eggs or a protein shake, or consume more nuts, seeds, fish, chicken or grass-fed meat to add more proteins in your diet. The average serving size is about the size of your palm.

Unlimited carbs

Vegetables contain a good amount of carbohydrates and you can consume them in unlimited quantity. Various greens, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, asparagus, peppers, green beans, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes and artichokes can be a great addition to your menu for the 10-day diet. Stay away from the starchy vegetables such as potatoes or beets.

Fight sugar with fat

It may not seem like it, but fat doesn’t make you fat, it only makes you feel full. Fat can regulate the blood sugar levels and is a crucial part of every cellular structure. Consuming healthy fats in every meal will keep your mind off sugar. Try eating more nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil, coconut butter, avocados and fish to add some healthy fats in your diet.

Prepare for emergencies

Carbs can tempt you to go back, especially when you see fast-food restaurants and vending machines everywhere. Dr. Hyman advices: “You need an Emergency Life Pak. I have one with me all the time, filled with protein, good fats, and good snacks so I never have to make a bad choice. Here’s what’s in mine: Packets of Artisana nut butters and coconut butter, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, salmon jerky or turkey jerky, a can of wild salmon or sardines and unsweetened wild blueberries.”

Distress or di-stress?

Cortisol, the stress hormone, is an integral part of type 2 diabetes, sugar cravings and belly fat. According to a research, taking in deep breaths triggers the vagus nerve that shifts your metabolism from fat storing to fat burning mode, taking you out of the stress state. Follow Dr. Hyman’s Five Deep Breaths exercise: “Simply take five slow deep breaths – in to the count of five, out to the count of five. Five times. That’s it. Do this before every meal. Watch what happens!”

Douse inflammation

Many studies have found out that inflammation destabilizes the blood sugar levels leading to type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. These people often suffer from hidden gluten and dairy intolerance. To make things worse, most people crave these allergens. Although hard to resist, avoid them for 10 days.

Sound sleep

Cutting off only 2 of the 8 recommended hours for sleeping will increase the hunger hormones and decrease the hunger-suppressing hormones in the body according to some studies. If you lack sleep, you lack energy, which you find in products full of sugar that lift your energy instantly, but crash you down to earth later. To successfully fight off sugar cravings, rest properly overnight.