Answer “Yes” or “No” to these 10 questions and you will find out if your nerves are strong or not.

  1. Do your hands sweat when meeting people, or in a stressful situation?
  2. Do you mind outside noise while you try to fall asleep?
  3. Do you often have an unpleasant feeling, or you think that the clothes you are wearing are not convenient for the event?
  4. Do you often have nightmares?
  5. When you have to visit a doctor, does the thought of it bother you?
  6. Do you have the habit to close the windows and doors all the time?
  7. Are you the type that wants to sit at home more?
  8. Do you find the darkness unpleasant?
  9. Are there any animals that you find repulsing and affect you with sickness?
  10. Do you often have terrible thoughts about death?naslovnaIf you have answered all 10 questions with “No”- you have nerves made of iron steel, you are stable healthy person.

    If you have 1-4 “Yes” answers, we can say your nerves are rocky but without a serious reason for inconvenience.

    If you have 5-7 “Yes” answers, your situation is getting pretty serious.

    If you gave 10 “Yes” answers, than it is time to take care of your psychological condition at once.